One comment on “The Price of a Vineyard

  1. In response to your observation on the events that took place concerning the acquisition of Naboth’s vineyard, I too have noticed that personal gain and/or ambition often are underlying elements in our day to day activities. We, as you have already stated, actually do not intend for our actions to hurt or offend others, but ultimately that is what the outcome may be. If each of us lived with the sole purpose of trying to help and encourage our fellow man for his/her accomplishments, with no regard of our own, this world would be a much better place in which to live.

    I also believe that Naboth was expressing complete loyalty to not only his inheritance, but unto the legacy in which his forefathers had left for him in the vineyard. I, in my own personal life, have found things that have been passed on to me, i.e. a spiritual legacy, are things that cannot be valued and sold for any price. So, in this instance, I would agree that some things in life cannot be taken for granted.

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