About Shannon D. Stanley

It’s been quite a journey.  It started in Texas let’s just say many years ago.  My father traveled as an evangelist for a few years after my birth and finally settled in a little place in Louisiana.  We stayed there for three and one half years and then as quickly as possible moved back to Texas where Dad accepted a pastorate of the New Life Church and remains there until this day.

I started first grade in there and began my journey toward adulthood. In after graduating from High School and after much prayer and consideration I decide to attend Bible College.  Upon graduating from College I set out to evangelize and did this for a number of years until I found the most wonderful person too call my wife.  Charidy and I  got married and we begin our new life together. It was later that year that we decided to purchase a home and then accepted an offer to become Pastoral Assistants at The Pentecostals of Bossier City.  It’s been wonderful!

Lincoln was born and just a little over four years later we welcomed Harrison into the family. We have a lot to be grateful for and have been extremely blessed and favored.

The thoughts on this little blog are just mainly to provoke the thoughts of others.